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Quest Software Toad for SQL Server  v.

This program from Quest Software is a productivity toolset for database administration and development.

Quest Software Toad for Oracle  v.

Toad for Oracle is a database administration program developed by Quest Software. Toad for Oracle, as the name states, allows you to design, manage and administrate Oracle databases in a fast and simple way.


Quest Software Toad for Data Analysts  v.

Toad for Data Analysts helps you find, understand, and report on data fast. It puts powerful multi-platform querying and reporting capabilities at your fingertips - all from a single interface that automates and streamlines time-consuming tasks.

Quest Software Toad for Sybase  v.

Toad for Sybase is an integrated Sybase database management tool that improves Sybase performance and simplifies database administration and performance management.

Quest Access Manager  v.2.0

Quest Access Manager provides a single console that enables IT to identify and control user and group access to resources such as files, folders and shares throughout the enterprise.

DM Quest (Direct Mail)  v.1.2.1

Creating, tracking and forecasting Direct Mail and Electronic Marketing with customizable and modular features.

Quest ActiveRoles Management Shell for  v.

The ActiveRoles Management Shell for Active Directory is a set of predefined commands for Windows PowerShell, the new command line and scripting language developed by Microsoft.

Quest DirectoryAnalyzer Client  v.4. 10. 1937

Diagnosing an Active Directory problem can feel a little like a guessing game. Guess right and you can start applying a fix. Guess wrong and-well, you guessed it-more downtime and less productivity.

Spotlight on Active Directory  v.

The Quest Spotlight® on Active Directory Pack monitors Active Directory performance and provides you with the information you need to resolve issues before they impact users and deteriorate productivity.

Toad for Data Analysis  v.9 1

Toad for Data Analysis is a multi-platform database tool built for anyone that needs to query databases and report on the results.

Spot light  v.

Spotlight is a powerful diagnostic and resolution tool. Its unique user interface provides you with an intuitive, visual representation of the activity on your system.

JProbe  v.8 3

JProbe is an enterprise-class Java profiler providing intelligent diagnostics on memory usage, performance and test coverage, allowing developers to quickly pinpoint and repair the root cause of application code performance and stability problems tha

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